Modest Fashion Day

On May 19, CEC "Piramida" will host the 13th International Economic Summit “Russia — Islamic world: KazanSummit”. In the framework of the Summit, 12 shows of up-and-coming modest fashion designers will take place. Modest fashion is an upcoming trend that images the new aesthetics of modesty and modernity. Along with the designer shows, Modest Fashion Day will comprise a business program - experts from Russia and abroad will consider prospects of the modest fashion and means of support for designers endowed with talent.

Fashion Show at Pyramid May 19, 2022 
  • «Cultural and religious reasons may have birthed modest fashion, but today the aesthetic has gone to a whole new stylish place, turning the heads of a young generation of cosmopolitan, social media-savvy consumers».

    – Vogue UK
  • «Fashion reflects the world around it, and women who dress modestly are highly visible both on the streets of modern cities and in media imagery».
    – The Guardian
  • «This is how the term ‘modest wear’ came into being. DKNY, Uniqlo, H&M, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, Monique Lhuillier and a lot of other prominent fashion houses and brands joined the game to contend for the Muslim market».
    – Kommersant

The program is aimed primarily at supporting talented designers working in the Modest fashion segment, uniting and developing the professional modest community, and provides great opportunity for Russian and foreign designers to demonstrate their potential, communicate with international experts at the most prestigious and professional platform at the moment in Russia in fast-growing trend in fashion. Guests are welcome to enjoy and appreciate various translation of Modest Fashion by talents from different countries due to different standards of modesty.

Modest fashion is a serious business, the capacity of which is billions of dollars around the world.

Modest fashion is a promising direction in the fashion industry, which reflects the new aesthetics of modesty and modernity, certain values.

Schedule for Modest Fashion Day:

19 May, Thursday

  • 19:00-21:00

    Fashion Show “Kazan Modest Fashion Day 2022”

    The Modest Fashion Day fashion show is a promising trend in the fashion industry that reflects new aesthetics of decency and modernity.

20 May, Friday

  • 13:30-15:00
    Halal to Consumers (H2C) Hall "Halal Lifestyle", RUSSIA HALAL EXPO Pavilion, 1st floor

    Modest fashion as means of intercultural communication

    Moderator: Sadrieva DILYARA, Regional Director of Modest Fashion in Russia and the CIS.
  • 15:15-16:45
    Halal to Consumers (H2C) Hall "Halal Lifestyle", RUSSIA HALAL EXPO Pavilion, 1st floor

    Modest fashion - building an effective business. Interaction with consumers, mass media and retail in the new reality

    Moderator: Franca SOERIA, Expert of Modest Fashion.


  • Dilyara Sadrieva
    Dilyara Sadrieva Russia
    International modest fashion expert and analyst, business turor, Regional Director Council of modest fashion Russia and the CIS, co-founder of ModestRussia, ex- in chief of Cover Magazine
    FRANKA SOERIA Indonesia
    Modest Fashion &creative expert, Markamarie founder, Council of modest fashion director Global, organiser of the biggest Modest Fashion events worldwide Weeks
  • Rajae El Mouhandiz
    Rajae El Mouhandiz Netherlands/Marocco
    Author and curator of the exhibition "Modest Fashion: An International Phenomenon in Art and Fashion" Interdisciplinary artist, producer, advisor to Cultuurnota Utrecht and the Cultural Council. In  Top- 500 most influential Muslims in the world in the field of culture and art. Founder of the Ellae Foundation
  • Anna Rykova
    Anna Rykova Russia
    Fashion editor, top stylist, curator of "Styling and Imagemaking" course at the British Higher School of Design. Ex Fashion editor in Cosmopolitan and Marie Clare magazines.
  • Kamola Rustamova
    Kamola Rustamova Uzbekistan/Spain
    International designer, founder of Azukar Moreno sustainable brand, winner of the title “Best Designer of Madrid”. one of significant designers of Central Asia
  • Olga Steinberg
    Olga Steinberg Russia
    Fashion analyst.  Managing director, Sees Group. Author of the Telegram channel and podcast  “Fashion Prokachka”.  Communications and fashion business expert.  Sustainable fashion "evangelist". Lecturer at BHSAD, Netology, HSE, Skill box.
  • Pinar Pehlivan
    Pinar Pehlivan Turkey
    Significant modest style Designer, entepreneur, influencer, organiser of more than 16 fashion shows, hijab style turor
  • Mukhammad Bukhary
    Mukhammad Bukhary Turkey
    Founder, director of Modest Fashion Direct/ LyfestyleTurkey exhibition organiser
  • Azukar Moreno Uzbekistan/Spain
  • Buro Banu Kazan/Russia
  • Shelline Kazan/Russia
  • Al-Shiira Samara/Russia
  • KUZMA Russia
  • Alena Akhmadullina Russia
  • RESTU PRATIWI Indonesia
  • ANARAS Indonesia
  • LI SCARF Indonesia
  • ASHERI Kazakhstan
  • Sultan Saliev Russia
  • Bloombia Russia