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World’s First Shariah Compliant Internet Suite of Services in Malaysia

A product of SalamWeb Technologies, the suite made for Muslims includes a range of connected services including SalamWeb browser, SalamNews, SalamChat and SalamSadaqah.

“SalamWeb’s products have been thoughtfully designed to optimise the Islamic way of life,” the statement said, adding that the browser has inbuilt features such as a Qibla compass, prayer timings and a custom news feed aggregated from verified news sources.

A feature called SalamProtect also provides an advanced content filter customised to each user so they can be alerted before coming across “inappropriate content”.

SalamProtect also allows users to assign a SalamTag to a website – appropriate, neutral or inappropriate.

The SalamSadaqah incorporates the Islamic practice of Sadaqah (voluntary charity) to the Internet browsing experience. Under this feature, each web search or content report made by users, will be matched to a donation amount made by SalamWeb.

Puan Hajjah Hasni Zarina, managing director of Salam Web Technologies MY said: “Our mission is to give people the power to build a digital Ummah and bring the world closer together. SalamWeb aims to empower the global Muslim and help them lead a digital life which is consistent with their values and beliefs.”