Group of strategic vision "Russia - Islamic world" - Intellectual weapons of Russia

It is easy to take out weapons from the hands of a terrorist, or dismantling a bomb planted by expiatory to blow it out in the innocents, or even disarm an explosive belt worn by suicide bomber. But the disarmament of expiatory idea which the terrorist legalize it for himself to kill others is the most difficult and it is impossible to fight terrorism by the military and security arm only, but needs to root off the brain before the arm . And here lies the basis.
The Soviet Union was defeated by the culture of expiatory planted in the brains before the battlefields and missiles carried on the palms that targeted planes and mechanisms of the military.
Accordingly, Russian President Vladimir Putin the most powerful man in the world for the third consecutive year, according to a list of "Forbes" magazine of America, will not only use the Sukhoi arm in the face of terrorism, which began constitutes a serious threat to the Russian Federation that mimic the Soviet Union on its highest influence in the Arab and Muslim worlds. but an early orders before the storm Sukhoi had been issued by President Putin to his team and advisers to approach the relationship with the Muslim world for legislation the wide door to intellectual debate with the Muslim component within the Russian Federation countries , which estimated the number of nearly eight twenty million Muslims, and make up about 20% of the population (One Muslim out of every five Russians) Considered the largest religious minority .As well as Muslims who are in the near the Balkans who have been separated from the Soviet Union.    
Among the mechanisms established by the Russian government, in addition to TV channels, Radio stations, and News agencies speaking in Arabic. It established the (Group of strategic vision "Russia - Islamic world") in 2006 under the leadership of former Russian Prime Minister Primakov and former president of the Republic of Tatarstan "Mentemir Shaimiev".
Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has been keen on the direct support for the group. That was expressed in the welcoming letters at every meeting stressing in every speech on the strategic partnership with the Muslim world.  But the work of this group which is considered one of the most prominent intellectual bridge between Russia and the Islamic world that been frozen after five meetings in Moscow, Kazan, Istanbul, Jeddah and Kuwait, to go back and trigger after a decision from Putin himself with the arrival of the so called "Arab Spring" to its peak and ahead of the "Sukhoi" storm this year.
In 2014, Vladimir Putin decided to resume the activities of the Group, assigning the duties of its chairman to the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.
"Group of strategic vision "Russia - Islamic world" Which formed the main arm in the attempt to uprooting the "extremism" of his compatriot in the Muslim world by aiming on the extremism from the angle of jurisprudence scholars at times and at other times on media people. Therefore, it massed on its soil frequently, hundreds of scientists and media people, journalists and intellectuals from the Muslim world to unite efforts to combat terrorism and extremism in religion.
And because the media, especially the modern one, which relies on electronic spaces and virtual sites is no longer just a publishing tool, but is now one of the basics in the industry to manufacture the awareness of the public opinion. The "Group of strategic vision "Russia - Islamic world" improved its presence in the electronic space, either through its multiple languages site or by taking advantage of its friends who their conferences' attendings are no longer just a cross but belonging to a basic cause titled "Liberation from the neo-fascist that plagiarized Islam as its adjective."

Therefore, yes not by the "Sukhoi" alone we defeat terrorism, the battle has other tools which no less important and perhaps the thought and the use of the media is the basis.
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